Tips for Helping Kids Cope Through the Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus KidsKids and adults are going through a tough time right now. Lynne Shine was interviewed recently to give some suggestions to help:

  • Remember to model calm and provide reassurance.
  • Answer questions. Provide just enough information
  • Limit news and talking too much in front of young kids.
  • Watch out for constant reassurance seeking.
  • Create a routine. Structure is good
  • Exercise, chores, new skills, meditation
  • Theme nights
  • Catch kids doing well! Validate!
  • Make time for quality time
  • Good food, good sleep & keep moving
  • Breakdown tasks
  • Acknowledge pain/loss of friends and Graduations and sports.
  • Channel the pain into plans for future.
  • Volunteering helps people deal with Anxiety and depression. Young kids can make thank you cards for our essential workers. Older kids can collect food for food pantries. Or call seniors etc

Sitting with discomfort is not a terrible skill to learn. It teaches the life skill of resilience. It is hard for most for many reasons. Help our kids cope by showing them that they can do this. We are their flight attendants on this turbulent journey. Please keep them safe and show them you are able to guide and protect them. Click here to see the video segment.