Grieving a Loved One Who Died From COVID-19

Lynne Shine was recently interviewed by Spectrum News on a very difficult subject, incomplete grief. Many people are grieving their loved ones without being able to properly mourn, the way they always imagined. There are many ways to say goodbye that are not traditional.

  • Write a letter to your deceased loved one.
  • Start a blog post and encourage others to add to it.
  • Have a zoom session where loved ones are able to share memories.
  • Have a drive by procession to share condolences.
  • Paint a picture, write lyrics to a song or words to a poem to express your feelings.
  • Plan for a celebration of life for when you will be able to gather again.
  • Please make sure you call your friend or loved one often, as grieving is that much more difficult while it is incomplete.
  • Reach out to a counselor or clergy if needed.

Click here for link to video.