Caroline A. Berger, NYS LMHC, RTC

Barry Chapman, LCSW-RPhone: 716-341-2505

As a 32 year career middle school teacher and school counselor, Caroline understands the unique challenges of young teens and adolescents. A former division 1 athlete and and high school coach. Caroline “get’s kids” and knows they are more than their behavior. She is energetic, authentic, kind. Caroline has great insight to the strengths and struggles facing today’s youth and their families. She builds trusting relationships with her clients, developing mutual respect and understanding of each individual and their family. Focusing on creating healthy boundaries and relationships, is paramount to good mental health. Attention and observations of each clients strengths, along with providing tools and resources, positive change is created. Caroline is approachable, good humored, active and loves to play! Caroline also has “Scout,” who is therapy certified and visits when appropriate!


Family Systems Theory, Choice Theory, Trauma Informed, Poly Vagal Theory, LGBTQI, Grief Counseling, Scream Free Parenting and Adventure Approach to diversity, neurodiversity and and counseling. Earned two Masters degrees in education and counseling.


Psychotherapy Networker, ACA (American Counseling Association, Playmeo (adventure based activities)


“Caroline was my saving grace during the pandemic and has been a huge proponent of improving my quality of life. Her approach id solution-based and through her I’ve learned positive ways to handle the stressors of my life. I have identified unhealthy patterns and learned how to conquer them. She is honest, direct and yet nurturing. RUN, don’t walk… I can’t recommend enough, this extraordinary human being! Jon- Williamsville N.Y.”

“My therapist” Caroline Berger was referred to me by our middle school guidance counselors. My daughter began with Caroline in grade 7. As she began to ‘feel’ better, it was apparent to me that I needed to seek her out for myself. I have other children, and Caroline has become their lifeline. Caroline understand teens, and the trauma that results in being their parents. She is fully informed and vetted within the NY State public school system, enabling her to be a fierce advocate for clients overcoming challenging situations. Caroline is very intuitive, solution oriented and has great resources.! She asks questions that many other therapists don’t. Caroline is, warm, funny and our sessions are thought provoking. At the end of our time together, I feel a shift in my attitude and pep in my step. I trust Caroline implicitly to help me and my family navigate life!”