Individual and Couples Counseling

Couples therapyNow that we’re settled into a new year, it’s time for many couples to focus on strengthening their relationship. For some people this may include seeking the help of a marriage therapist. Here are three quick tips to help maintain a healthy relationship.

Healthy Communication

Healthy communication is necessary for any marriage to be strong —but that takes time and effort. In our fast-paced society, many couples pass each other in the driveway without talking. Make deep, heartfelt connections a priority this year.

Keep Dreaming

While dating or during the engagement period, couples spend much time dreaming about their future together; however, when the chaos of life sets in — two careers, children and the responsibilities of running a household — often the couple don’t even realize that they have stopped dreaming. Spend time this year dreaming together.

Prioritize Your Relationship

It’s easy to take your partner/spouse for granted. Dedicate the time and effort to make your relationship a top priority. Set small goals to connect daily. Schedule date nights and other activities that you enjoy together.

Need Advice?

Don’t be afraid to seek help. No relationship is perfect. A specialist can help guide you through some of these difficult times. Lynne Rifkin Shine, LMHC, CRC is an expert in individual and couples therapy. She has focused on improving relationships for over 24 years. From topics including infidelity, parenting, co-parenting, infertility, control and more. Lynne is often referred by physicians and family attorneys.