Help is available for those contemplating suicide

The national suicide hotline is 988.

Lynne Shine,MSCRC was asked by WKBW how to help look out for symptoms of suicide in our teens.


  • Making suicide threats. Can sound like a joke. Can be put on Facebook. Talking about death a lot. It can be fleeting.
  • Hopelessness
  • Questioning sexuality and not believing they will be accepted
  • Feelings of shame
  • Self harm behaviors.
  • Possessing lethal means
  • Feeling like a burden.
  • Needing to go and see everyone, (saying goodbye.) Giving away their favorite possessions.
  • Suddenly happy after they were depressed or isolated


  • Get help when suicidal symptoms are present
  • Do not ever call thoughts dramatic or attention seeking. You will minimize their feelings and encourage them to keep feelings inside.
  • Engage with guidance counselor at school.
  • Relate to child about your own need for counseling.
  • Don’t threaten with counseling versus encouraging or offering.
  • Make a contract with your child about who they would call. What they will do if they have bad thoughts or feelings.
  • Identify “safe” person. Even if it is not you.
  • Remind your child these bad thoughts are temporary. Most failed attempts report that they didn’t want to die and regretted after the attempt.
  • Remind kids you will be there for them. They are not alone.
  • Talk and listen! You can not talk someone into suicide.
  • Numbers for help are listed at the end of the video.

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