Grief and Loss Panel Reminds ISRI2022 Attendees Things Can Change in a Minute

Lynne ShineLynne Shine joined the ISRI2022 Panel to discuss grief and loss.

Lynne Shine emphasized the role of the amygdala, the part of the human brain that regulates emotion. “If there’s one word you can equate with anxiety it’s ‘control.’ When control decreases, anxiety escalates,” she explains. Strong emotions—anger, fear, even extreme excitement—make it difficult or impossible to think straight.

One way Lynne Shine suggests to calm down and focus in times of stress is box breathing, a technique practiced by Navy SEALs. She recommends simple things to stay positive like keeping a journal and writing something positive about yourself every day; making purposeful goals; and trying to connect with other people.

The entire segment can be viewed here.