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Marriage Counseling SpecialistsPlease understand that most relationships are not perfect and require a lot of time, patience, and understanding to properly function. Many couples seek help because of difficulties in communication or a break in the relationship that can’t seem to be worked out on their own.

If you are considering marriage counseling to fix or improve your relationship, you may feel like you’re the only one making the effort? The good news is that one committed partner can make a huge difference in a relationship. But, you’ve got to do it right, with the right help, from the right therapist. That’s where Audubon Counseling comes in.

We offer couples help in the area of improving the communication process in a professional and discreet environment. Marriage or Couples counseling is a type of psychotherapy that helps couples recognize and resolve conflicts in the relationship.  Through counseling you can make thoughtful decisions about rebuilding your relationship or going your separate ways.  Couples counseling typically include both partners but sometimes one person chooses to see the therapist alone.

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