Depression counseling

Experiencing an unhappy or irritable mood most of the day every day is a sign you are depressed.  If you have suffered a loss recently, depression can be a normal reaction.  If not, that depressed mood can be part of depressive symptomatology.  Other symptoms of depression include loss of pleasure in things you used to enjoy, loss of or increase in appetite, change in sleep habits (sleeping too much or too little), loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, agitation, restlessness, feelings of worthlessness, guilt or preoccupation with suicide.

Treatment includes education regarding depression, working with a physician to assess need for medication and helping with lifestyle change such as exercise and nutrition, finding social support and stress reduction techniques.  We provide psychotherapy (talk therapy) and cognitive and interpersonal therapy.

You don’t need to struggle alone with depression, help is available. Please contact us at your convenience.  We’re always happy to help.